Employment laws in the United States are set forth for providing equal rights to all employees and setting clear expectations between both parties so that the employer and the employee may know what their limits  are and the specific “do’s and don’ts” of the work place.

The setting of laws in the States is flexible as per the work place environment.

The general laws of employment in the United States focus on equal opportunity for all, eliminating discrimination either it be racial, religious, color or based on any other ethnicity related factors.

The Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended (29 U.S.C. 794) deals with all of these cases. One cannot say that any department or section is exempt out of the employment laws of United States under normal authorized user tradelines.

The minimum wage level has also been set by the agency so that no worker may suffer unlawful wages. Furthermore, under the act clear rules have been set out on pay as far as overtime and when overtime needs to be paid or not.

Any company cannot make the worker work over time without the consent of the worker.

The same goes for the working hours for any company.

Any industry or company has to meet the requirement of the working hours which are set forth by the United States under Section 504. Any company that goes against these federal guidelines will have to face the legal consequences.

Credit reports and Insurance are other aspects of an employees pay that are also covered by the law enforcing authorities.

Drug place test places an important role in the work place as working under influence can ultimately lead the company to disaster. As any worker working under influence will not be able to work up to his/her full potential.

Employment laws in United States are very much supportive for the employees but at the same time there are few laws which lead the employee suffer.

As per the changing trends and the global recession the employer can fire any employee working within the organization. Without any prior notice they employer has the right to down size without letting the employee know beforehand.

Other the other side if the employee wishes to leave the organization he/she has to give his or her notice of resignation two weeks before leaving the organization.

For woman, there are several exemptions made which is by nature and do not fall under the category of discrimination.

The example for such an exemption is the maternal leave which is provided to a female worker to the delivery or giving birth to a child.

In the same way a few days leave is often given to the ladies who are pregnant. For many other reasons the health care employment has risen by an average of 24,000 per month within just a short span of 12 months.