If your company is in the food and drug industry, then you have probably encountered or heard about the members of the Food and Drug Administration or FDA.

You might have talked to some of them before and have discussed the different aspects of your company with them. They might have given you advice on how to handle your company.


Have you ever wondered what the FDA does actually?

What are they doing beyond those four walls of their building?

Who are the members of the FDA?

To understand what and who FDA is, here are some facts about this regulatory body:

· Protect. One of the basic tasks of the FDA is to ensure that public health is protected. They ensure that food and drug products are properly produced, labeled and safe for consumption. They also ensure that the public is safe from physical, biological and chemical harm.

· Regulate. Another task of the FDA is to regulate products especially those that contain harmful and addictive chemicals like tobacco products and some other drugs.

· Innovate. Aside from protecting and regulating, this governing body is also akin to advancing the technology, manufacturing process, products and other innovative research regarding the food and drug sector.

· Disseminate. This regulatory body also helps in informing the public with accurate facts that are science-based especially on new discoveries, drugs, food, devices and medicines that would help improve their lifestyle and health.

These are the core responsibilities of the FDA to ensure that everyone receive proper safe food and drug product and services.

And although the FDA does do a lot of work, there are simply too many companies and products to watch over.

In addition, new cases are popping up everyday that involve FDA laws and regulations. So their workload is overwhelming. You can see the sheer volume on watcher websites like has updates.

FDA Lawyers

In order to ensure that all these tasks are done, the Food and Drug Administration would need the help of the companies, public and regulatory assistance specifically from lawyers. Due to this need, FDA lawyers help and assist both the companies in the food and drug sector as well as the FDA to regulate products.

What does an FDA Lawyer do?

There are several reasons why a company should hire an FDA lawyer. These reasons include the following:

· Documentation. One of the best ways to ensure that a company’s manufacturing procedure follows the set standard, trace problematic items, regulate the amount of chemicals introduced, and other things is to document the process. An FDA lawyer can help with the quality assurance team to ensure that the company will comply with what the FDA has set.

· Exporting and Importing. Aside from the documentation process, the company will also have other tasks that involve legal advice especially if the company would want to import products or export raw materials.

· Assist in Legal Procedure. The FDA lawyer can also assist when a company experiences a controversy like defective medical devices or contaminated food products. They can also represent a company during trials with unsatisfied clientele. They can help in the negotiation process.

The Food and Drug Administration do not have a lot of resources to take care of all the legal needs of each company in the country. For this reason, FDA lawyers are hired. If you come from a big company, then it should be given that you should hire the best FDA lawyers in your area.